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Welcome to WWW.MOHANSHAH.COM my website, feel free to browse and fill out the CONTACT section.

An Indo-American entrepreneur with 35 yrs of hands down experience in Manufacturing and Trading in Americas, India and Caribbean, in products ranging from

  • Silk fabrics
  • Apparels
  • Textile products and yarns
  • Beverages and bottled water
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Leather products
  • Batteries
  • Electronic components
  • Electronic business machines, computers etc.

  • High speed Catamarans ferry services
  • Complete solutions for West Water Management
  • Technology transfers
  • Raising of funds for new ventures and philanthropic causes
  • Negotiating multi-million dollar joint ventures
  • Renegotiating existing contracts
  • Creating marketing strategies for new products
  • Advising/consulting with governments of India and USA and lobbying

I accompanied President Clinton and Secretary of Commerce Bill Daley to India as part of the Official US Government Delegation.

Acted as the head the India Congress Party in the USA for 15 years.

Organized multi-level Indian cultural events throughout USA.

I am interested in providing consulting/ management services to the international
trade and finance community, particularly between India and the US.

I am interested in ventures with unique business plans.

My political connections and relationships with policy makers are invaluable to India-US lobbyists.