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Industrial Waste Water Manegment

Electro Ionization Magnetic Separation (E.I.M.S.)

This is a unique NO CHEMICAL USE wastewater treatment process developed by NASA, proven to be most effective in treating and converting both, Industrial wastewater and city sewage, to reusable and drinkable water by removing heavy metals, suspended solids, oils, grease, bacterial etc. This system offers the flexibility of treating very large(5-500 mld) quantity of effluents.


We represent VIROTEC   who has achieved a technological breakthrough through innovative treatment and specialized environmentally safe reagents for treating multiple metal and acid solutions with a view to provide VIROTECH TOTAL SOLUTION comprising of a substantial reduction in heavy metal concentration in effluent waters of metal treatment companies to make the effluent below the required threshold prior to its discharge in the sewer.

  • 50% reduction in sludge volumes Potential reclassification of sludge as non-hazardous.
  • Increased dewatering efficiency resulting in improved water quality and increased plant throughput.
  • High pH buffering capacity resulted in significant odor reduction.

Mobile Drinking Water Unit

A skid mounted self-contained, NO CHEMICAL USE system based on E.I.M.S. technology, designed for purification of water to generate drinking water in 10,000 to 50,000 gallons per day capacity and suited for providing drinking water to remote villages.

Scavenger - 2000

Unique mobile vessel, based on E.I.M.S technology designed for 100% de-contamination and re-generation of water up to 50,000 g.p.m. in Lakes, Rivers, Creeks and Coastal Sea Waters. It can perform 6 different functions simultaneously, namely, oxygenation, ozonation, separating hydro carbons, collecting floating debris, killing of 100% of all pathogenic/bacteria and optional weed cutting. The performance of SCAVENGER 2000 has been certified by the relevant US government agencies.

Aquamet/Weed Harvester

This portable system has a proven record in the world in cleaning rivers, lakes and canals for harvesting, cutting and collecting of floating / submerged plants, weeds and debris upto depth 6 feet and as well as for restoring the natural ecological balance.

Oil Skimmers and Barriers

A complete range of barriers for oil spills containment to limit the damage; floating robots (pumps) to remove oil spills from water with recovery range of 7 to 30 T. P.H with independent operating system at 98% efficiency; A range of self propelled heavy-duty oil skimmers(Marco Filters) to separate oil spills from water.


Portable dredgers equipped with suction cutters for dredging of lakes, rivers, canals, creeks and hard coastal seabeds up to excavation depths of 10 to 50 feet.

Floating Pontoons and Breakwaters

All concrete prefabricated maintenance-free pontoons for handling passengers and cargo on sea shores, rivers, lakes, boat harbors, floating fuel stations, bridges etc.

Floating All Concrete Breakwater with advance mooring systems with good wave attenuation characteristics, constitute the higher end of the range in this product category for protecting ports and coastline.

SeAir - The Flying Boat

The SeAir is a small, 130 lbs inflatable flying boat with 33 feet wingspan. It is an easy riding, low maintenance, motorized vehicle that brings a new level of excitement as a personal flying boat for pleasure or for air surveillance, aerial photography and rescue missions. Seair is easily transportable and can be assembled to fly in 20 minutes, be stored in a garage or on top of a yacht. The SeAir can take off and land on 200 feet of water surface and with its 65 hp engine and two occupants it can cruise up to 10,000 ft, at 45 mph for 75 miles on 5 gal of fuel as an ultra-light aircraft. The SeAir can glide with the engine off to a controlled landing, and with the wings removed it turns into a high-speed boat. Help companies find resources and production facilities.