Recent Activity
Four Season Group
Minerva Group
Built the ‘‘First”organized factory to make silk fabrics and ”First” apparel factory in India for 100% exports to Europe and USA. Today apparels and textiles are the single largest products exported from India.
Contracts with US shipping Co’s to transport over million tons of US wheat to India under US-AID programs.

Jt. Venture with SCM Corp, to manufacture electric Typewriters in India.

Exclusive Master Licensing Agreement with Pepsi Co for India.
Set up plants for assembly/manufacturing of electronic components and apparels in Jamaica, Dominican Republic and Costa Rica, and
$ 40 mil funding
for a Textile Mill in Dominican Republic from the World Bank
Licensing agreements with a major German/Yugoslav co, to manufacture Nickel-Cadmium batteries.

Licensing agreement with a major U.K. chemical Co. for technology to upgrade poor quality leathers.

Associated with a small shipyard-building passenger Ferry’s for water transport with a new technology and a ferry service between Miami and Keys.
Created a policy for Mrs. Gandhi, the late Prime Minister of India, for Non Residents Indians (NRI’s) to invest in India to supplements its low foreign exchange reserves, and served for 10 years as a US based member on "NRI investment committee of Ministry of finance and Reserve Bank of India. To day NRI investments under the scheme are over $ 75 billion.
Over the years have been responsible for global trading and manufacturing activities of over Billion Dollars and have participated in several international trade delegations organized by Govt’s of India and United States including one led by President Bill Clinton and Com; Sec William Daley.
Organized and coordinated number of Indo-American Cultural programs including Indo-US Govt. sponsored "Festival of India" - 1984 / 85 with over 2000 events of visual and performing arts at museums and cultural institutions all over USA, including raising of US$ 2.5 million for Metropolitan Museum of New York for the event.
As chairman of "International Commentary Services" produced a 13 parts documentary on the third World, "Partners in Progress" shown on the Discovery / PBS channels worldwide
Under direction of Mrs. Gandhi, the late Prime Minister of India, established "Overseas National Congress of North America", as its General Secretary from 1971 to 1985 to promote closer political and Cultural ties between Indians living in the U.S. and India.